Thank you to all who entered this years Sturt Championships and hopefully pulled up okay afterwards. I would like to thank Andy Lo for his superb management at the desk throughout the tournament and Paul Godden's scheduling expertise in working out what matches we could get on. Was very thankful for the medical personnel on site who were willing to help out when their aid was required in treating some severe cases of cramps.

Congratulations to the following winners:
Le Nguyen Open Mens Singles Winner
Ian Wong Open Mens Singles Runner Up
Jun Yong Open Womens Singles Winner
Serena Pham Open Womens Singles Runner Up
Sokhan Chap & Anh Pham Open Mens Doubles Winners
Ian Wong & Dzung Pham Open Mens Doubles Runner Ups
Jun Yong & Winnie Li Open Womens Doubles Winners
Vi Pham & Alice Cheung Open Womens Doubles Runner Ups
Simon Chiu & Jun Yong Open Mixed Doubles Winners
Ian Wong & Swenny Zhou Open Mixed Doubles Runner Ups
Kevin Yin Div 2 Mens Singles Winner
Reuben Wong Div 2 Mens SIngles Runner Up
Alan Wang Div 2 Mens Singles Consolation Winner
Li Yen Sim Div 2 Womens Singles Winner
Su Min Div 2 Womens Singles Runner Up
Reuben Wong & Andrew Thai Div 2 Mens Doubles Winners
Dust Black & Michael Poon Div 2 Mens Doubles Runner Ups
Li Yen Sim & Bich Thuy Ngo Hoang Div 2 Womens Doubles Winners
Bronwyn Trebilcock & Vicki Chan Div 2 Womens Doubles Runner Ups
Dust Black & Li Yen Sim Div 2 Mixed Doubles Winners
Kevin Yin & Shiney Sung Div 2 Mixed Doubles Runner Ups
Andrew Thai & Belinda Sianrei Cher Div 2 Mixed Doubles Consolation Winners
Edward Ming & Niko Yamanaka Junior Singles Joint Winners
Niko Yamanaka & Esther Cai Junior Doubles Winners
Olivia Ming & Pink Vannolath Junior Doubles Runner Ups
Due to the late finishing of the tournament it was decided to hold the presentations at the Sturt Presentation Lunch being held on Sunday 25th November

Thank you to everyone who entered this years Sturt Teams Tournament with majority turning up this time. Numbers were a bit down from previous teams tournaments but Simon was able to adjust the format to ensure good matches and challenging games for all. Special thanks to Michelle Chong for being able to play at short notice to fill in for a late withdrawal.
Division 1 was won by team 2 (Ray Liao, Jun Yong, Simon Chiu) who won all of their ties, but the runner up was a three-way tie with result decided by 3 points with team 3 (Ian Wong, Paul Godden, Kevin Nguyen) taking the runner-up spot.


DIvision 2 was won by team 11 (Ricky Luo, John Bethell, Simon Yeo) with second spot another close tussle between two teams separated by a few points with team 13 (Dominic Tam, Li Yen Sim, Swenny Zhou) securing the runner-up spot.



Best:  Male                            Dzung Pham (8 wins from 9 matches)
           Female                       Mikayla Qing Yan  
                                            (9 wins from 9 matches, tied with Li Yen Sim but had better percentage)
           Junior                         Reuben Wong

Handicap Winner:  Male      Charles Jong (260 points over handicap)
                                 Female  Lisa Ho (236 points over handicap)

Players Choice Award:           Delvin Lim (8 votes from 9 rounds)
Wooden Spoon Award:         Ping Liew



Best:  Male                            Dominic Tam
           Female                       Bich Ngo
           Junior                         Charles Jong

Handicap Winner:  Male      Duc Le       233 points over handicap
                                 Female  Lulu He     226 points over handicap
                                 Junior     Jason Koh 219 points over handicap

Players Choice Award:           Pik Yin  8 Votes
Wooden Spoon Award:         Daren Cheng
Best Player in each Group:    Group 1   Ben Chong
                                                 Group 2   Jin Han Lim
                                                 Group 3   Vi Pham
                                                 Group 4   Colin Jong
                                                 Group 5   Alex Hanysz
                                                 Group 6   Michael Poon
                                                 Group 7    Edward Ming


Congratulations to all who took part and the results were as follows:
Open Mens Singles Winner: Simon Chiu
Open Mens Singles Runner Up: Sokhan Chap
Open Womens Singles Winner: Michelle Au
Open Womens Singles Runner Up: Jun Yong
Open Mens Doubles Winner: Jin Weng Lim and Daniel Reed
Open Mens Doubles Runner Up: Ian Wong and Dzung Pham
Open Womens Doubles Winner: Michelle Au and Jun Yong
Open Womens Doubles Runner Up: Ru Lim and Cuc Ly
Open Mixed Doubles Winner: Jin Weng Lim and Julia Chin
Open Mixed Doubles Runner Up: Simon Chiu and Jun Yong
Div 2 Mens Singles Winner: Tyndall Ye
Div 2 Mens Singles Runner Up: Chean Phu
Div 2 Womens Singles Winner: Lidya Pangestu
Div 2 Womens Singles Runner Up: Vidya Mathavan
Div 2 Mens Doubles Winner: Chean Phu and Simon Yeo
Div 2 Mens Doubles Runner Up: Ricky Luo and Daniel Van Loggem
Div 2 Womens Doubles Winner: Lidya Pangestu and Vivian Lee
Div 2 Womens Doubles Runner Up: Vidya Mathavan and Bronwyn Trebilcock
Div 2 Mixed Doubles Winner: Chean Phu and Su Min Wong
Div 2 Mixed Doubles Runner Up: Simon Yeo and Bronwyn Trebilcock


Great effort by all who competed in the weekend's Sturt Teams Tournament. There was a lot of close games and a few upsets along the way :). Results were very close with not much separating the teams.
Congratulations to all for the effort put in, especially in the muggy conditions in the hall.
Div 1 Winners: Team 4 (Ian Wong, Quoc J. Le, Dzung Pham) with 410 points
Div 1 Runners Up: Team 1 (Jin Weng Lim, Siva Kuberan, Cuc Ly) with 408 points
Div 2 Winners: Team 9 (Ethan Ou, Pivian Sim, Ryan Kinner) with 364 points
Div 2 Runners Up: Team 11 (Darren Song, Andrew Thai, Pauline Arthur) with 345 points

SABA Summer Season Finals 22nd MARCH 2017

Great effort by everyone in last night's finals and throughout the season. The Sturt Squanchers secured back-to-back premierships beating the AU Scarlet Witch by roughly 50 points. Good luck to the players making their move up to A2 next season. The Sturt Smashers kept their composure right to the end securing a tight victory over the Sturt Strikers by 5 points with everything on the line right til the end.


SABA Competition Results

Latest SABA Ladder results to 25th May 2016 can be downloaded here.

Sturt Teams Tournament

10 April 2016




Photos from the Sturt Teams Tournament courtesy of Chean Phu & Lidya Pangestu

Div 1 Winners: Team 1 Jin Weng Lim Margot Strelan Siva Kuiberan
Div 1 Runners Up: Team 5 Daniel Reed Praveen Joy Quan Ho
Div 2 Winners: Team 9 Ethan Ou Derick Wong Christie Chaang
Div 2 Runners Up: Team 14 Chean Phu Lidya Pangestu Jason Soekinto


SABA Winter season grand finals - Wednesday 4th November 2015

C Grade - Congratulations to Sturt Squad!
The dark horse of the night was the Sturt Squad who were competing in their first grand final against a powerful and experienced lineup with a number of their opponents champions from previous seasons of competition. It was a close battle throughout the night with neither team able to get the upper hand and breakaway from each other. The Squad were relaxed with no pressure as they had made the finals with the game to win but opponents to lose as they had only dropped one round for the whole season so had the expectations of winning. It was a great team effort with everyone firing at the right time and the mixed combinations worked well. Nhan Nguyen and Belinda Sianrei Cher combined well to win their mixed, Yao Cui and Josh Northeast paired up to control their doubles while Yu-Li Chen dominated her singles to give the team a great chance of taking the title. With the men's singles being played at the same time, it added to the air of suspense as all players were unsure of the safety margin they had to work with so they had to give it their all and hope it was enough. In the end the Sturt Squad proved to be too consistent and held on for victory by a handful of points. A great way to end an entertaining season and give them confidence when they eventually move up to the next grade.

A Grade - Commiserations to Sturt Stringbeans
The Sturt Stringbeans put up a strong fight against the AU Black Ops but were unable to string the games together to claim victory. Everyone gave it their all with some fantastic rallies and quick reflexes but couldn't quite secure the crucial rubbers. Great efforts by Ian Wong, Joseph Wing Ho Chan, Benjamin Tieu, Jun Yong & Winnie Lee.

Sturt Handicap, 25 October 2015

Here are the results from the Sturt Handicap held today.

Best Male player: Ben Chong (8 wins 58%) on countback to Dzung Pham (8 wins 56%)
Best Female player: Cuc Ly (7 wins 58%)
Handicap winner - Male player: Dzung Pham (223 points over handicap)
Handicap winner - Female player: Christy Chaang: (220 points over handicap)
Best Junior: Kinako (6 wins)
Players Choice Award: Cuc Ly (8 votes from 9 matches)
Wooden spoon award: Wei Xian (Teoh) 1 game
Best Player in each group:
 Group 1: Calvin Suen
 Group 2: Ryan Diep
 Group 3: Patrick Chang
 Group 4: Tommy Dinh
 Group 5: Robert Yin
 Group 6:Mary Loh

It was a great event and thanks to all the helpers on the committee as the day went off without a hitch.

Results for all years:

Sturt Closed Championship 2015
Congratulations to the following winners and runner ups:
Mens Singles: Daniel Choo def. Simon Chiu  22/20 21/9
Mens Singles Plate: Calvin Suen def. Steven Yin21/6
Ladies Singles: Kumi Honmura def. Jun Yong  22/20 22/24 21/11
Mens Doubles: Ben Chong & Jin Weng Lim def. Sokhan Chap & Simon Chiu  21/12 21/8
Mens Doubles Plate: Andy Xie & Kevin Yin def. Jason Wong & Zhen Qui Yong  21/11
Ladies Doubles:  Kumi Honmura & Vi Pham def. Steph Jong & Jun Yong  21/14 11/21 21/15
Mixed Doubles:  Jin Weng Lim & Steph Jong def. Simon Chiu & Jun Yong  21/8 21/14
Mixed Doubles Plate:  Sokhan Chap & Christy Chang def. Kevin Yin & Su-Min Wong21/9

Sturt Teams Tournament, 29 March 2015

Hoping everyone had fun at the weekend's Sturt Teams Tournament which was well attended with a number of observers as well. There were some great matches throughout with everyone doing their best to make it a contest. Great work by all players but there can only be one winner. Congratulations to the following:
Div 1 Winners: Paul Godden, Nam Tran, Michelle Au
Div 1 Runner Ups: Wee Liam Chong, Ryan Diep, Andy Lo
Div 2 Winners: Derick Wong, Kevin Yung, Mary En Ci Loh
Div 2 Runner Ups: Clement Ting, Gabriel Lee, Boey Yu
Would like to thank Cuc Ly and Hui Ru Lim for helping out on the desk to keep things running smoothly and Darren Song Mun Choong for helping out with fetching supper.

Results 2014

2014 Sturt Handicap, 26 October

Hopefully everyone had fun at the weekend's Sturt Handicap Challenge. Thanks to all of those who turned up as numbers are critical in this format to allow for the differnt rotations. It was good to get a mixture of levels, including some new members to make things interesting and we did get a few juniors who took part. Great effort by everyone to get the games going and it went so smoothly we were about three-quarters of an hour ahead of schedule and ended up adding an extra round of games to play.

Congratulations to the following winners:
Best Male Player - Patrick Chang (8 Wins out of 9, 62.4%) on countback with Tommy Dinh and Nam Tran close behind
Best Female Player - Christy Chaang (7 wins out of 9, 57.6%) on countback with Mary Loh and Becca Huang close behind
Best Handicap Male - Nam Tran (231 points over handicap)
Best Handicap Female - Steph Jong (222 points over handicap)
Best Junior Player - John Phan (7 wins out of 9)
Player's Choice Award - Serena Pham (8 votes out of 9)
Super Sub Award - Maureen Collins who was a late replacement for Andrew who didn't turn up.

Would like to thank Barney Hon for adjusting his planned itinerary for the day to be a potential sub which he was called upon to play in the end, and thank you to the top tier players willing to play extra matches within each round to cover the absence of another player in that group. I would like to thank Steph for organising the scoresheets and combinations, as well as running the desk smoothly. Thanks to Hui Ru Lim for helping out on the desk and working out the last round combinations. Thanks to Quan Ho and Andy Lo for helping out with recording the scores with special thanks to Andy for adjusting the spreadsheet to highlight the potential winners making it so much easier to work out the results at the end. Thanks to Pauline Arthur for organising the afternoon tea and thanks to Maureen for collecting all of the fees which she had to do in between her matches. Thanks to Paul Godden for conducting the presentations at the end of the evening.

2014 Sturt Closed Champs, 19 & 20 July

Great work to the following winners and runner ups:
Mens Singles: Daniel Choo def. Zhe Lim21/14 21/9
Mens Singles Plate: David Sunnyboy def. Benjamin Tieu21/9 21/18
Ladies Singles: Lee-Yen Khoo def. Mingmei Teo21/14 21/7
Ladies Singles Plate: Becca Huang def. Julia Luzhen Chin  W/O
Mens Doubles: Jin Weng Lim & Ben Chong def. Ian Wong & Zhen Q. Yong17/21 21/13 21/13
Mens Doubles Plate: Patrick Change & Kelvin Kam def. Quoc J. Le & Simon Yeo19/21 21/18
Ladies Doubles: Michelle Au & Vi Pham def. Lee-Yen Khoo & Stephanie Au21/16 21/15
Ladies Doubles Plate: Becca Huang & Serena Pham def. Pivian Sim & Su Min21/16 21/10
Mixed Doubles: Jin Weng Lim & Steph Jong def. Ryan Montgomery & Vi Pham21/10 21/11
Mixed Doubles Plate: Nam Tran & Becca Huang def. Dzung Pham & Serena Pham21/15 20/21

State League: Sturt Sensasians 6/13/417 def Sturt Sonics 2/8/389
A Grade: Adelaide Uni Dragons 5/11/366 def Sturt Sphinx 4/9/352
B Grade: Sturt Slyders 367 points def Adelaide Uni Assassins 341 points
C Grade: no Sturt team in the final 

2014 X-TRM Australasian U17 Championships

Individual Event April 2014

Big congratulations to Lee-Yen for her first national title

Lee-Yen Khoo
- winner of the Mixed Doubles with Huaidong Tang  21-16 21-19 versus Tiffany Ho & Justin Lee
- runner up in Womens Doubles with Josephine Liu 15-21 11-21  Winners: Tiffany Ho & Janet Son
- quarter finalist in Womens Singles
Harsh Phogat
- won Mixed Doubles plate
- quarter finalist in the Mens Doubles plate
David Sun
- quarter finalist in MD plate

Thanks to Lisa Vuong for managing the team and Daniel Reed for his umpiring expertise.

2014 Sturt Teams Tournament 23 February

Div 1 winners: Henry Wong, Jin Han Lim, Ming Mei Teo.
Div 1 runner ups: Sokhan Chap, Calvin Suen, Cuc Ly.
Div 2 winners: Clement Ting, Joy Liew, Kevin Yin.
Div 2 runner ups: Ethan Ou, Serena Pham, Steven Yin.

Results 2013 

2013 Sturt Handicap Results

Congratulations to the following winners:
Best Male Player - Zhen Qiu Yong, 8 wins
Best Female Player - Boey Yu, 5 games 58%
Best Male Handicap - Mahmud Masum (233 points over handicap)
Best Female Handicap - Julia Chin (212 points over handicap)
Best Junior - Steven Yin, 7 games
Players Choice Award - Henry Pangestu
Wooden Spoon Award - Jason Wong (47.22%) on a countback from Sokhan Chap (48.10%)

2013 Winter Season:
A Grade - Sturt Sultans def Sturt Snipers 7/14/388 to 2/6/346
B Grade - Sturt Samurais def Sturt Sledgehammers 16/438 to 6/372
C Grade - Sturt Smashers def Glenelg Dolphins 15/362 to 3/262

State Teams:
Seniors: Lisa Vuong, Michelle Au, Soo Yin Siang
Under 19’s: Daniel Choo, Joshua Chin, Lee-Yen Khoo, Manager Steph Jong, Umpire Daniel Reed
Under 17’s: Daniel Choo, Arjit Phogat, Harsh Phogat & Lee-Yen Khoo, Manager Michelle Au

2013 Leanne Choo Badminton Trophy 
Mens Singles:  Daniel Choo def. Zhe Lim
Mens Singles Plate:  William Chong def. Duc Le   21/11
Ladies Singles:  Lee-Yen Khoo def. Steph Jong   21/7  21/16
Ladies Singles Plate:  Steph Chan  def. Katrina Li   21/13
Mens Doubles:  Eric Chen & Jason Dow def. Calvin Suen & Tom Tang 21/10  21/16
Mens Doubles Plate:  Sokhan Chap & Andric Leung def. Mathias Tho & Robert Turnbull   21/18
Ladies Doubles: Lee-Yen Khoo & Josephine Liu def. Steph Jong & Jun Yong   21/23 21/13 21/19
Mixed Doubles:  Zhe Lim & Jun Yong def. Jason Yip & Winnie Lee 19/21 21/15  21/17
Mixed Doubles Plate:  Sam Ho & Steph Chan def. Jason Wong & Supattra Hom-on   21/17

Leanne Choo Sportsmanship Award Winner:
Female:  Steph Jong
Male: Andrew Hang

2013 Sturt Championship 
Mens Singles:  Wei-Han Yap def. Zhe Lim  21/16 21/12
Mens Singles Plate:  Simon Chiu def. Darren Low   21/14
Ladies Singles:  Lee-Yen Khoo def. Jun Yong   21/9  21/10
Ladies Singles Plate: Lisa Vuong  def. Rebecca Huang   21/16
Mens Doubles:  Jin Weng Lim & Ben Chong def. Eric Chen & Wei-Han Yap 21/18  21/16
Mens Doubles Plate:  Darren Low & Jason Yip def. Ethan Ou  & Mahmud Masum   21/10
Ladies Doubles: Michelle Au & Vi Pham def. Steph Jong & Ming-Mei Teo   21/12 21/16
Ladies Doubles Plate: Rebecca Huang & Serena Pham def. Ru Lim & Anh Pham  21/18
Mixed Doubles:  Wei-Han Yap & Michelle Au def. Jin- Weng Lim & Jun Yong 15/21 21/19  21/14
Mixed Doubles Plate:  Sokhan Chap& Rebecca Huang def. Andy Lo & Helen Bethell   21/16


Congratulations to Harsh Phogat - he won plate mixed and doubles at the 2013 Li-Ning U15 Australian Nationals Sydney  Photo courtesy of  Kevin Chan

Congratulations to Harsh Phogat - he won plate mixed and doubles at the 2013 Li-Ning U15 Australian Nationals Sydney

Photo courtesy of Kevin Chan

Results 2012

State Representation and Achievements 2012
Congratulations to the following Sturt players who were selected to represent South Australia during 2012: 

Senior State Team:  
Michelle Au, Lionel Seah, and Teng-Wei Khoo.
U19 State Team:  
Lee-Yen Khoo, Irene Xu, Steph Au, William Yeomans, Daniel Reed (Captain), Emerson Krstic with Manager Michelle Au 
U17 State Team: 
Daniel Choo (Co-Captain), Emerson Krstic (Co-Captain), Josh Chin, Arjit Phogat, Lee-Yen Khoo with coach Paul Godden, Manager Lisa Vuong, and Umpire Le Nguyen. 

Sturt Championships 2012 Results
Open Mens Singles:  Wei-Han Yap def. Eric Chen   18/21  21/16  21/10
Open Mens Singles Plate:  Daniel Reed def. Emerson Krstic   21/16  21/18
Open Ladies Singles:  Michelle Au def. Jun Yong   21/15  21/14
Open Ladies Singles Plate:  Irene Xu  def. Steph Au   21/14  22/20
Mens Doubles:  Jin Weng Lim & Ben Chong def. Raymond Lim & Wei-Han Yap   19/21  21/13  21/19
Mens Doubles Plate:  Emerson Krstic & Daniel Reed def. Joshua Chin & Daniel Choo   21/10  22/20
Ladies Doubles:  Michelle Au & Vi Pham def. Steph Jong & Su-Ching Ong   20/22  21/13  21/7
Mixed Doubles:  Wei-Han Yap & Michelle Au def. Jin Weng Lim & Su-Ching Ong   21/15  21/17
Mixed Doubles Plate:  Andy Lo & Ye-Jia Ng def. Duc Le & Lidya Pangestu   21/17  22/20

SABA Winter Season 2012 
State League: Sturt Sensasians 6/13/417 def Sturt Sonics 2/8/389 
A Grade: Adelaide Uni Dragons 5/11/366 def Sturt Sphinx 4/9/352 
B Grade: Sturt Slyders 367 points def Adelaide Uni Assassins 341 points 
C Grade: no Sturt team in the final  

The 2012 Coopers Cup Trophy was won by:-  Simon Chiu

SABA Spring/Summer Season 2011/12
State League: Sturt Sabres 6/13/402 def Sturt Sonics 2/8/399 
A Grade: BVASA Black Rats 5/10/333 def Sturt Strikers 4/10/366 
B Grade: no Sturt team in the final 
C Grade: Adelaide Uni Ninjas 298 points def Sturt Slayers 228 points 


Division 1:
1st: Sturt Sabres
2nd: PAOC Redbacks
3rd: Sturt Sonics

President’s Medal: Reece De Zylva – Sturt Sabres

Division 1:
1st: Sturt Sonics
2nd: Sturt Sabres
3rd: Glenelg Sharks

Best Team Player: Arjit Phogat - Sturt Scorpions

Sturt Handicap Tournament 2011
Best Male Player: Ben Chong 
Best Female Player: Steph Jong 
Male Handicap Winner: Calvin Suen 
Female Handicap Winner: Vi Pham 
Best Male Junior: Arjit Phogat 
Best Female Junior: Irene Xu 
Players Choice Award: Steven Yin 
Wooden Spoon Award: Michelle Au